NetForum Zendesk FAQs

NetForum™ Zendesk FAQs

The NetForum™ Client Support team is excited to announce our move to client support platform, Zendesk.

We know you’ll love its features and ease of use as much as we do! Below are a few more details and information regarding Zendesk:

What is Zendesk?

Zendesk is web-based customer service software used by more than 20,000 companies worldwide. Some 300 million people around the world receive support from Zendesk-powered customer service departments and help desks, including your members.

Many other Community Brands support teams have used Zendesk as their support platform for more than five years, and now we want to bring the best practices offered within the system to you as well!

How do I use Zendesk?

On or after the launch day, you will have 3 options.

Option 1: If you use one of the other brand products in this Zendesk solution, (such as Freestone, Careers, Crowd Wisdom, or Nucleus) you likely already have login credentials. In this case you will simply be able to login and see NetForum as an option. The direct portal is:

Option 2: Go to and click sign in. Follow the ‘Forgot My Password’ link, below the credential inputs. This will send you an email to create your new password and allow you to login.

Option 3: Go to and click sign in, then the 'Sign up' link to create an account.

Option 4: If you aren’t sure, simply email us and we will provide instructions for logging in. You can email us at

How do I find my previously submitted tickets?

We have created a clean submitted tickets navigation, so you are easily able to access all your tickets through this link, Requests – NetForum Enterprise Support (

All cases that were not closed in NetSuite prior to the move to Zendesk (March 2022) were moved to Zendesk and can be viewed in the "My Support Requests" section.  Cases closed in Netsuite prior to March 2022 are not available in Zendesk.

If you need information from an older ticket that isn't in Zendesk, we have an internal archive that we can check on for you to possibly provide information if needed. Please submit a support ticket if that is needed.

Is there a help desk that comes with Zendesk?

Yes! The help desk can be accessed here: We will be working on consolidating the various NetForum knowledgebases we have, over the next several months. Keep an eye out for that documentation as it gets added!

From this page, you can send in a ticket or navigate to another area of the site by selecting one of the buttons. You can also browse tickets you or someone else from your organization have submitted by selecting My Tickets.

Please note, if you need assistance with navigating the site or logging in, send us an email at


We hope you are as excited about this upgrade as we are! More to come as we continue to evolve!

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