What's New in NetForum Spring 2024 Release (32)

This article describes the changes and resolved issues for this version of the product.

What's New Overview

Enhancements & Updates

  • Ideas Portal Features

    Every release includes at least one feature that was chosen by you, our customers! Release 32 includes two features from the Ideas Portal:

    • Digital Wallet Payment Options in eWeb

      NetForum's eWeb application has been upgraded to include Digital Wallet payment options, including Apple Pay, Google Pay, and PayPal.

      ApplePay GooglePay & PayPal button Latest.png

      For information on setup and usage, refer to the Setting Up Digital Wallet Payment Option in eWeb section.

      If you need assistance setting-up Digital Wallet Payment Option for your eWeb application, please get in touch with your Customer Success Manager.

    • Typeahead Search for GL Account drop downs

      The GL account selection drop-down fields available throughout the application have been updated to include a Typeahead Search box. With this improvement, the user can simply start typing the name of a relevant GL account in the search box, instead of having to search through a drop-down list to find the desired GL account. As the user types, the system will display GL account(s) that match the search criteria for the user to choose from.    

      GL Information section.png

      Note: This implementation applies to both the Classic and Current UI in the iWeb application wherever GL selection drop-down lists are available.

  • eWeb UI/UX Enhancements

    Enhanced Checkout Process on eWeb: The Shopping Cart | Payment page now features a Complete Order button instead of the previous Continue button in the Payment Information section. The Submit Order page will no longer be part of the checkout process due to this update. The functionality of the Complete Order button is equivalent to that of the existing Submit Order button on the following page. This means that clicking the Complete Order button will now take you directly to the Shopping Cart | Receipt page.

    Enhancements to eWeb Payment Checkout Page: Improvements have been made to the Credit/Debit Card and ACH Payment subforms to enhance the UI/UX.

    Credit/Debit Card subform

    CreditDebit Card subform.png

    ACH Payment subform

    ACH Payment subform.png 

    Saved Payment Method Enhancement: In continuation of the UI/UX enhancements for the eWeb Shopping cart Payment Information page, the Saved Payment Method section has been improved as part of this release to provide a better check-out experience. This enhancement applies to the Credit Card and ACH payment method types which are saved for future use in eWeb. The new Saved Payment Method subforms now also contain images illustrating where the required details can be found on the Credit Card (for CVV) and Check (for Account and Routing number).

    The Saved Payment Methods are displayed as follows:

    • Pay With Preferred Card (encrypted number) or Pay With Preferred ACH (encrypted number)
    • Other Saved Payment Methods (in case of Multiple Saved Payment Methods available for the user) 

    Payment Information Section.png

    Saved Payment Method sub form for Credit Card Payment Type (displayed when a user clicks the Pay With Preferred Card... button)

    Saved Payment Method CC.png 

    Note: The system option (EwebCheckoutCreditCardAcceptImages) controls the display of the credit card type icon(s) on the eWeb payment check-out (Refer to the system option for more details). 

    Saved Payment Method sub form for ACH Payment Type (displayed when a user clicks the Pay With Preferred ACH... button)

    Saved Payment Method ACH.png 

    The Other Saved Payment Method button displays if the customer has additional saved payment methods on their account. Clicking the button expands the section to allow the customer to select a different saved payment method. 

    Multiple Saved Payment Methods.png 

    Important: This enhancement applies to the eWeb baseline application. If your eWeb application has been configured to use anything other than the baseline shopping cart forms, then this update will not be reflected in your eWeb application. Please check with Customer Support to see if your eWeb application needs to be updated to take advantage of this enhancement.

    The Shopping Cart | Payment form on eWeb has been modified to combine the Customer Information and Billing Information sections. 

    Customer & Billing Information section.png 

  • Current UI Enhancement - Floating Action Buttons

    This release features floating action buttons (Save, Save for Later, Cancel, and Delete buttons) on all the forms that require scrolling to complete or update the details on the form. The floating action buttons appear in the top-right corner of the form when it is opened.

    Note: This enhancement applies to all forms that require scrolling, and not to those that can be entirely displayed on the screen.

    Floating Action Button.png

  • SMS Messaging Feature Updates

    New Baseline SMS Messaging Usage Report: The SMS Usage Detail by Date Range report link can be found under the SMS reports section under the Reports module > Reports Central group item > Reports profile (Module: Marketing > Category: SMS). Refer to the SMS Usage Detail by Date Range Report article for more details.

    Find and Query search functions have been added to the SMS Messaging feature in this release, enabling users to find and manage SMS messages more efficiently. In the Marketing module, under the SMS Messaging group item, users can now use two new links (Find SMS Message and Query SMS Message) to search for specific SMS messaging tasks.

    • Marketing module > SMS Messaging group item > Find SMS Message group item link
    • Marketing module > SMS Messaging group item > Query SMS message group item link

    The Find SMS Messaging Task form includes the following fields:

    • SMS Description: A text field to search for SMS messages by their descriptions.
    • SMS Body: A text field to search for SMS messages by their content.
    • Begin Date: A date text field that allows you to select the date the task was scheduled to start.
    • Add User: A text field to search SMS messages by username who added the message.

    Find - SMS Messaging Task.png

    The Query SMS Messaging Task form contains fields similar to other query forms, such as the Query Individual form. The user can search for a specific SMS messaging task by using the Query SMS Message group item link.

    Query SMS Messaging Task.png                                                                                                                                                                   

    The SMS Messaging functionality is now compatible with valid custom objects. If your organization uses custom objects that are not based on individuals, you can still utilize the SMS Messaging functionality with the help of the newly introduced system option (SmsCustomObject). Use the SmsCustomObject option to specify the object name(s) and enable the Send SMS/Text Message link on the custom object's list page for sending text messages. Refer to the SmsCustomObject system options article for more information.

  • Query Tool Enhancement

    Users can now select multiple columns on the Available Column dropdown field (Query form > Query Columns tab) by using CTRL+ Click or SHIFT + Click. On selecting columns from the Column Select List, the chosen columns will appear in the Available Columns field and will be greyed out in the Column Select List. The Column Select List can be closed using the Esc key or by clicking outside the Column Select List region.

    Query Individual form.png 

    To remove a column from the Available Columns dropdown field, click the 'x' mark next to the selected result. You can also use the Backspace key to clear the most recent selection from the Available Columns dropdown field. Note that a single press of the Backspace key will not delete the selected column, but it will delete the last character of the column name. This will assist users when selecting columns with similar names from the displayed result set.

    Query Individual form 2.png

    Similarly, you can select multiple columns by using CTRL+Click or SHIFT+Click to update the Display Columns field on the Query Columns tab.

    Query Individual form 3.png

  • Copy Event Functionality Update

    Users can now copy events using the 'Copy Event' option in the Add profile menu of an Event profile. When you click the Copy Event link, you will be redirected to the Event Copy Wizard.

    Note: This enhancement applies to the Current UI only.

    Copy Event link.png

    Note: The Copy From Event dropdown field on the Event Copy Wizard will only display the name of the event from which the Event Copy Wizard was accessed. When you select the event name from the Copy From Event dropdown field, the system automatically fills in all the fields in the Wizard with the details of the main event (the event from which you accessed the Event Copy Wizard). 

    The Event Copy Wizard accessed through the Overview and Setup group item contains a list of all events to select from in the Copy From Event dropdown field.

  • Inserting Images into Marketing Templates Using CKEditor

    This release provides the ability to insert images into Marketing Templates using CKEditor. To support this functionality, two new fields (Upload Image and Image Link) have been introduced on the Add/Edit Correspondence Template forms. For more information, please refer to the article Inserting an Image to a Marketing Template Using CKEditor.

  • xWeb Security Update

    The xWeb security update implemented in Release 28 will now include a search for potential signatures of prohibited content within the parameters during the execution of the xWeb's ExecuteMethod web service. Additionally, the following system options have been added as part of this release that allow associations to set their own custom regular expressions as needed.

  • Framework Updates

    • The RestSharp Nuget Package has been upgraded to the latest version, 110.2.0. This update applies to all projects that use the RestSharp Nuget Package in NetForum applications.
    • The Select2.js used in NetForum iWeb application has been upgraded to the latest version, 4.0.13. This update has improved the dropdown search capability with Typeahead Search box in the following product areas:
      • Query builder forms
      • Sub Query builder forms
      • Form Designer (Current and Classic UI)
      • Send Correspondence Form (Individual > Edit menu > Communicate link> Send Correspondence Form >Available Fields dropdown)
      • Add Customer Payment Info (Individual > Payments tab> Stored payment information child form > Add Customer Payment Info form > payment method : ACH > bank account type dropdown)
    • The Microsoft.AspNet.Mvc Nuget Package has been upgraded to version 5.2.9. This update applies to all projects using the Microsoft.AspNet.Mvc Nuget Package.


Resolved Issues

The following list contains issues that were fixed in NetForum Spring Release (32). The TFS/Azure issue number is included for your reference.

TFS/Azure ID Product Area Description
142551 Accounting If an invoice with tax(es) or shipping is paid using ACH, applying NSF to the ACH payment will no longer add duplicate adjustment line items in the Adjustments child form (Batch profile > Adjustments tab) for the taxes or shipping involved in the transaction, and there will be no void or refund for the duplicate tax or shipping payment with the payment processor.
121080 Accounting With the SyncChapterAndSubscriptionDatesWithNational system option set to true, voiding an invoice that includes a membership and a synced subscription will no longer generate "The DELETE statement conflicted with the REFERENCE constraint "FK_ac_invoice_detail_term_mb_membership_x_ac_invoice_trm_mxi_key"." error. The Subscription terms child form (Invoice profile > Subscription terms tab) will no longer display subscription information once the invoice has been voided successfully.
131230 Accounting

When a proforma renewal invoice including both national and chapter memberships exists for a customer, and the customer also has a subscription that is linked to the national membership, voiding the chapter membership will no longer result in the error message "The DELETE statement conflicted with the REFERENCE constraint "FK_ac_invoice_detail_term_mb_membership_x_ac_invoice_trm_mxi_key"."

This applies only to systems with the following system option configuration:

  • SyncChapterAndSubscriptionDatesWithNational = true
  • LinkChapterMembershipToNational = true
142376 Accounting Current Deferrals: When Multicurrency is enabled, closing the batch associated with the Revenue Recognition process for an accounting period will now generate the accurate ledger amount in the Amount column on the Ledger entries for batch child form (Accounting Period profile > Info tab > Batches child form > Revenue Recognized Batch record > Revenue Recognition Batch profile > Ledger tab). Prior to this fix, the Amount column on the Ledger entries for batch child form displayed a value of '0.00' when the batch was closed.
141733 Accounting Current Deferrals: Modifications have been made to improve performance when recognizing revenue (during the accounting period close process) when the site has a large number of deferral records.  This modification is to current deferrals only; legacy deferrals are unchanged.
135258 Accounting With the system option RecognizeRevenueDuringFulfillment set to true, when an order including a fulfillable product with a discount, tax, and shipping applied to it is created and the initial payment transaction fails (but a subsequent one succeeds), the system will now correctly create the additional line items on the Invoice profile > Details tab > Discounts, Tax, and Shipping child forms associated with the fulfillment product when the invoice is generated from the order. These additional line items linked to the product were previously missing on the Discounts, Tax, and Shipping child forms.
141953 Accounting Discounts, whether FLAT rate or PERCENTAGE, can only be applied once to a specific line item and will adhere to the value set in the "Number of Uses" field for the discount. Once the "Number of Uses" limit is reached, the discount can no longer be applied to an invoice or individual line items. If you try to apply the discount more than once to the same line item, or if the discount limit of "Number of Uses" is reached, the system will display an error message. For more information on discount usage, refer to the Important Points to Consider While Working with Discounts article.
142829 Accounting Current Deferrals: When a deferred membership with a deferred discount is purchased using Installment Payments, and later the invoice is returned or cancelled, closing the batch associated with the return/cancel will no longer generate an error of "The GL Account is missing."
142526 Accounting When a user adds a terms or proforma invoice with multiple line items, including products priced at $0.00, to the cart for checkout on eWeb, the system will now display all line items, including the products priced at $0.00, on the Shopping Cart | View page when completing the payment process.
142428 Accounting When a deferred, discounted membership is purchased through installment payments and then subsequently cancelled/returned, the system will now generate accurate GL transaction records for the return process. This can be easily verified by viewing the Transaction Life Cycle report (Invoice Profile > Links tab > View Transaction Lifecycle link). Previously, the GL transaction records generated by the return process were incorrect, resulting in the display of inaccurate records on the Transaction Life Cycle report.
131176 Centralized Order Entry When adding an invoice through the COE form, the system will no longer generate an 'Incorrect syntax' error in the fw_error_log table. The Auto-Pay Installment (with Consent) check box will only appear at the bottom of the COE form if the payment method is Credit Card or ACH, and if the selected payment type is installment, installment payments, or recurring.
143172 E-Marketing A browser-specific issue (pertaining to Mozilla Firefox browser) has been addressed as part of this release, where the user was unable to save any updates (text and/or image) made in the HTML Body on the Marketing Template after an auto-postback. The system now allows saving the template details after an auto-postback in Mozilla Firefox.
139891 & 122972 Events When registering an individual through xWeb for an event that has reached capacity and does not have the waitlist enabled, the system will now display an error message: "Individual cannot be registered for this event. Event: {Event_Name} is full. Wait list is not turned on for this event." Similarly, when attempting to register an individual through xWeb for an event that has reached capacity where the waitlist is enabled but full, the system will now display an error message stating "Individual cannot be registered for this event. Event: {Event_Name} Wait List is full." Previously, the system did not prevent these registrations through xWeb
142530 eWeb When using the form designer to add the DatePicker and/or DateTimePicker fields to an eWeb form, the fields are correctly displayed on the form and no console errors related to these fields are logged in the system.
142503 eWeb Users can now successfully complete the Abandoned Shopping Cart Notification Task when using a custom COE Facade Object.
139531 Inventory When a shipping region for a shippable item is soft deleted/hidden (Merchandise profile > Miscellaneous tab > Shopping Region child form > Edit icon), the system no longer includes shipping products related to the deleted shipping region when purchasing the item. Previously, the shipping product was added automatically to the item, even when the shipping region for the item was soft deleted/hidden.
141823 Membership

If a membership is renewed to a different package with a different member type, the Edit Membership form (Membership profile > Edit profile menu > Membership link) will display the current membership package value in the Member Package field. After saving the changes to the Edit Membership form, the system will display the current membership package value on the Membership Detail information panel in the profile.

Note: This fix applies to the Current UI only.
139476 Membership

The Membership Drop Task (Membership Module > Overview > Overview and Setup > Drop Membership link) will no longer trigger the error message "The DELETE statement conflicted with the REFERENCE constraint "FK_ac_invoice_detail_term_mb_membership_x_ac_invoice_trm_mxi_key" when:

  • SyncChapterAndSubscriptionDatesWithNational = true
  • MembershipTerminateDeleteVoidInvoice = true
AND a proforma renewal invoice for a deferred membership with a linked deferred subscription exists for any customer whose membership is being dropped.
142796 Payment Processing BluePay and CardPointe Hosted Payment Updates: As part of this release, the (non-functional) Cancel button that displayed below the reCAPTCHA widget on eWeb's Hosted Payment pop-up has been removed. After successfully completing the reCAPTCHA validation, the enter payment information fields will be displayed.
122536 xWeb xWeb users can now run the GetDynamicQuery requests in SOAP UI for queries with an apostrophe/single quote in their name.
142731 xWeb When performing the GetDynamicQuery request in SOAP UI, if the szOueryName string (query name) in the request is not specified or left blank, the response will once again return a list of queries for the associated object.
142931 xWeb The xWeb issue caused by the new Regex parameter validation has been resolved by including the new system options mentioned in the xWeb Security Update section.


Patch Release (32.1)

TFS/Azure ID Product Area Description
142433 Accounting Performance has been improved when carrying out batch pre-processing and closing tasks for sites with a large set of data in the ac_ledger table.
141223 Accounting Current Deferrals: When the term dates of a deferred subscription with a deferred discount are updated, the system now ensures the deferral records are updated on the Deferral Header profile (Invoice Detail Profile, Deferred Revenue tab, Deferral Header child form). If the deferral cannot be updated based on the date changes an error message will be displayed and the subscription changes will not be saved.
141364 Accounting Current Deferrals: When the payment of a deferred membership is voided with adjustment, the system now updates the Deferral Header Status to 'Pending' and the related unrecognized records are deleted from the Deferral Summary and Schedule child forms (Invoice Details Profile > Deferred Revenue tab > Deferral Header child form > Deferral Header Profile). Previously, the Deferral Header Status remained 'Available', and the related Deferral Summary and Schedule records stayed unchanged.
141267 Accounting Current Deferrals: With the system option "RecognizeRevenueDuringFulfillment" set to true, the system will no longer generate an error when voiding a paid fulfillment order. Previously, the system generated an 'Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation.' error when voiding a paid fulfillment order.
141363 Accounting Current Deferrals: When a batch with a 100% discounted membership invoice is shifted to a new or future accounting period, the unrecognized deferral detail schedule (Invoice Detail Profile > Deferred Revenue tab > Deferral Header child form > Deferral Header Profile) will now be adjusted correctly to catch-up on revenue.
142527 CRM The Individual Communications Preference Setup form (Individual/Constituent profile > Edit profile menu > Comm. preferences link) has been updated with a label change for the existing 'Check All' checkbox, which now reads as 'Opt in/Opt out All' for better understanding of its function. When you select or unselect the Opt in/Opt out All checkbox on the Individual Communications Preference Setup form, the Opt in and Opt out radio buttons in the section will be updated accordingly.
142543 CRM MagnetMail Integration: When a user attempts to send mail through MagnetMail using the Email To This List Using Real Magnet link on the Communicate menu of the List Result form, the system no longer displays an error message. As a result, the user can successfully complete the 'Email To This List Using Real Magnet' task.
142579 CRM

When a Date Picker field on a form is modified to include the 'required attribute' via Edit in Form Designer, the Date Picker field will no longer be highlighted in red after a user populates a date in the field using the Calendar icon. The system now displays the selected date on the Date Picker field and allows you to save the changes. 

Note: This issue occurred only when as optional date picker field on a form was updated to a required field using Form Designer.
143170 CRM Performance Update: iWeb code has been optimized to handle the loading customer credit balance more efficiently when adding an invoice through COE. The credit balance for the billing customer is loaded when the bill to customer is first selected or the bill to customer changes.
143171 CRM Performance Update: The iWeb code has been optimized to handle the "vw_co_customer_credit_balance_caa" and "vw_co_customer_credit_balance" views more efficiently when making a payment towards an open invoice. The system now restricts calls to these views to only when they are required, resulting in fewer calls when making a payment towards an open invoice.
143861 CRM When the CommandTimeout system option is configured to a specific value, the Recognize Revenue process now respects the value specified in the CommandTimeout system option and completes the Recognize Revenue process accordingly.
116946 eWeb The Shopping Cart | Receipt form on eWeb will no longer display the "Unable to load content" message at the bottom. Previously, after making a purchase and reaching the Shopping Cart | Receipt form, customers would encounter a message at the bottom of the form stating, "Unable to load content".  Note: there wasn't actually any content not being displayed, the message was displayed in error.
143208 General Performance Update: As part of this patch release, 2 new indexes have been added to the md_table_list_from table in the NetForum Baseline Application. The indexes assist in optimizing the performance of the md_dynamic_form_getDynamicList stored procedure.


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